News Release: 2/5/2019 - NEW CHAMBER BENEFIT

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February 05, 2019

Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce Members

The high cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, as well as the need for affordable mental health services, are headline news. To do something about these problems and to better serve our members, the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a new high-quality, low-cost healthcare benefit. Capstone Health Network is an innovative discount healthcare program that makes healthcare faster, easier, convenient, and less expensive. The program is designed to help employers reduce healthcare costs, attract and retain top employees, reduce employee turnover and sick days, and improve employee productivity. To learn more, you and representatives from your company or organization are invited to attend two FREE 30 minute informational teleseminars on February 13th and 19th at 8 am on both days. For more information contact the chamber of commerce office or review the attached teleseminar invitation.

The Capstone Health Network program costs just $12.95 per employee per month or $18.95 for the family plan which includes the employee, their spouse, and their dependent children up to 26 years of age. This program benefits our chamber and is month to month with no contacts or long-term commitment. At your option, you can choose to cover some or all of your full time, part time, seasonal, or temporary employees. The program can be employer paid, employee paid, or a combination of the two.

The affordable, high-quality Capstone Health Network program covers the top 80% of the reasons people see doctors. It will provide your employees with the following valuable benefits:

* Save up to hundreds or thousands of dollars on healthcare and medical bills every year!

* Features 24/7/365 Telemedicine Doctor Care - a fast growing healthcare delivery program that lets employees consult with a board-certified Oregon-licensed doctor from home, work, or anywhere typically in just 30-60 minutes or less! There are NO doctor bills, deductibles, co-pays, or exclusions!

* Unlimited Mental Health Counseling sessions with a Masters’ level behavioral counselor who will listen and provide help and guidance 24/7/365 with no counselor fees. This is an ideal way for employees to get help for life losses, relationship issues, depression, stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and more

* Premier Discount Prescription Drug program can save employees up to 95% on 15,000 name brand and generic drugs. Each employee will receive $10 off their first prescription they fill

* Employees can keep their current doctors, insurance broker, and health insurance plan

* The program works whether an employee has health insurance or not

* Telemedicine is endorsed by ABC News, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, American Medical Association

* Everyone is accepted regardless of health, age, or pre-existing conditions

The Capstone Health Network Employee Healthcare Benefit costs

just $12.95 per employee per month and $18.95 for a family!*


For more information or to sign up, go to: Once there you can read testimonials, get answers to your questions, learn about telemedicine and the Capstone Mental Health Counseling program, view a telemedicine feature story reported by ABC News anchorwoman, Diane Sawyer, and more. *To get this special pricing you must enter Order Code DCVC when you sign up

JD Shinn, CEO